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Ari's Theater Portfolio

Is Life Worth Living? (Helena), Adobe Theater, April 2012
Albuquerque Journal Preview and Review.  Albuquerque Alibi Review.

24-Hour Theater (Co-Founder and Organizer), Aug 2011 and Dec 2011
Co-organized two 24-hour theater Projects with Travis Ward-Osborne.  In a single 24-hour period, four groups wrote, rehearsed, and performed short one-act plays at The Box theater in downtown Albuquerque.  Also wrote, directed and acted.  Videos: 5 Aug 2011, 29 Dec 2011.

101 Dalmations KIDS
(Assistant Choreographer), Nov 2011
Assistant Choreographer and Dance Coach for Play Conservatory's production of 101 Dalmations KIDS.  Article by the Director.

                                                   Cinderella (Assistant Choreographer), July 2011
                                                   Assistant Choreographer and Dance Coach for Play Conservatory's production of Cinderella.  

Albuquerque Little Theater, May 2011
Preview, ReviewPromotional video.

The Little Foxes
(Alexandra), Vortex Theater, Oct 2010
Albuquerque Journal review: "Pretty Ari Echt-Wilson and Leonard Hughes are enjoyable as Alexandria and Leo."

The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne Frank), ABQ Stages, Mar 2010
Article from the Albuquerque Journal: "Ari really has to carry the show, and she is rising to the occasion."
From the Journal's review: "Anne's complex character ... is admirably captured by Ari Echt-Wilson.  She conveys Anne's vivacity and sensuality and more."

High School Musical 2 (Martha), Albuquerque Little Theater, July 2009
Albuquerque Journal review: "Other cast members ... [including] Ari Echt-Wilson as Martha ... round out the storyline with winning presentations."

Pre-high school
Monkey King (Kuan Yin)PLAY Conservatory
Mulan (Zhang), PLAY Conservatory
Aladdin (Iago), PLAY Conservatory
Petrouchka (Dancer/Clown), New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
The Wizard of Oz (The Lion), Missoula Children's Theater
Free to Be You and Me (The Great One), Albuquerque Little Theater

La Cueva Drama
Voice Training:  Lorri Oliver 2008–2011
Performing Dance Company:  Marshall Performing Arts Conservatory 2005/6 & 2008/9
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop:  Marshall Performing Arts Conservatory 2004–present
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